Portfolio - Croatia and Destination Wedding Photography


Damir Plavotic - destination wedding photographer from Croatia

Hello and thank you for checking out my portfolio.

Here you can take a look at some of the best work I’ve done as a Croatia and Destination Wedding Photographer. The galleries below will help you understand my photography style better and what it is that I look to capture when I shoot a wedding or engagement. As you can see from the featured posts, I have worked as a wedding photographer both in Croatia and world wide destinations – wherever my assignment has taken me.

This portfolio should not be viewed as a catalogue. I believe that every bride and groom have a unique sense of humor, special way they walk, talk, laugh and my goal is to get all that in my photos. Every single one of these engagement and wedding photo sessions had its own natural flow, just as unique as the people who are in the photos. If you like my style of photography and you’d like me to shoot your wedding or engagement, drop me an e-mail and we can start planning your special day.

Photos by Wedding Photographer Damir Plavotić

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