Personal Photography

My Personal Style of Photography

This page is not dedicated to my photos of weddings or engagements, but rather my personal interests in photography and my own style. The galleries on this page feature the street and documentary style photos I take for my own pleasure. This might help you find out more about what kind of photography I do, what are my personal aesthetic preferences and what you might expect if you decide to hire me as your wedding photographer.

What street and documentary photography means to me

You see, street photography does not necessarily have to take place in a street. Streets are where you’re most likely to find interesting people to photograph, but it can be anyplace in the world. The main characteristic is that the subject of your photography is unaware of being photographed. The best photos of people are made when they are who they are, behaving the way they do normally. That is when a documentary style photographer can capture their real essence behind the persona. Did you know that the word persona means “a mask” in old Greek? As the ones worn in theatres? Most people, when they are aware they’re being photographed, put on a persona. This destroys the authenticity of the photography. That is why I try to blend in with the scenery, with the crowd, and take photos of people when they are unmasked, thus capturing who they really are.

“If your pictures are not good enough you are not close enough.” ― Robert Capa

How street photography helped me become a better wedding photographer

I found that this ability to be unnoticed helped me a great deal in my career as a wedding photographer. You see, most people are camera shy, which is perfectly normal. So what I do is blend in with the crowd at a wedding and wait for the people to relax, start enjoying themselves. Weddings are special – unlike other celebrations, you only get one chance to document them. The emotions, the smiles and tears, they are there for a split second, and if you don’t shoot them, those precious moments are gone, forever. My street photography experience has taught me to anticipate these moments and to capture them as they happen. The photos that attract the most attention and draw out most emotions are those authentic ones. The young couple hugging, without paying attention to anyone, without being aware that they’re being photographed. Kids playing soccer in the background. An old lady, unable to hold back her tears of joy. The bride and her bridesmaids, laughing during preparations for the ceremony. It is always those genuine, documentary-style photos that make people stop and look. Maybe they don’t know what it is that attracts them to the documentary style wedding photography. However, I do. It is the honesty. The natural beauty of people as they really are, without posing for the camera, without wearing a persona to protect themselves.

These photo galleries and the texts accompanying them deal with various subjects. They all have one common thing though – they are honest in expressing what takes place on both sides of the camera.

“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.” – Paul Caponigro

Photos by Photographer Damir Plavotić