Destination Wedding Photography

For me a destination wedding is the most romantic way for a couple to get married. I found that out during my own wedding in Malta six years ago. It was then that I also realized that I was just one easy decision away from becoming a destination wedding photographer. Soon after, I started this adventurous career which combined activities I already did for my own pleasure: exploring picturesque places, meeting exciting people and doing photography.

Wedding Destination and Shooting Locations

I love exploring and researching all sorts of interesting places even when I’m not working – it is a personal hobby of mine. I also love to travel and I am willing to go wherever my next job takes me. The popularity of the location doesn’t really matter to me. It can be one of the top wedding destinations such as Hawaii, the Maldives, the Caribbean, European cities or any other less known location. A destination, no matter how romantic, is not going to provide good wedding photos on its own. It’s up to the wedding photographer to get to know the couple and establish the harmony between them and the shooting location. Whatever the location is – an engagement on the iconic rooftops of Brooklyn, the streets of Zürich, a wedding in Buffalo or a destination wedding in Croatia – the key is to shoot the couple in a setting that fits their unique story.

If you’ve decided on a wedding destination, but don’t know the specific setting, drop me an e-mail and tell me your story. I will help you pick the shooting locations that best suit your wishes.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events. As a destination wedding photographer my goal is to capture all those moments which last only for a blink of an eye. The priority is to make sure that not a single smile, kiss or tear is forgotten. I try to take photos of people when they are natural and relaxed, unaware that they’re being photographed. Good wedding photos keep vivid memories of the original atmosphere of the celebration. If looking at them brings back the emotions you felt that day, that means that I’ve succeeded.

Every destination wedding photographer has their own style and approach. To find out more about my style – it is better to see the work I’ve done then to read about it. The galleries below are from all over the world, but they have one thing in common – the raw, honest way in which I capture memories.

Photos by Destination Wedding Photographer Damir Plavotić